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Amy Brewer of Metamorphosis Literary Agency

This week, host George Sirois sits down with one of his two literary agents: Amy Brewer of Metamorphosis Literary Agency. They discuss how she formed a partnership with fellow agent & co-author Patty Carothers on their own book "Texting Prince Charming," how they worked their way up to becoming agents with Metamorphosis, the vital role an agent plays in an author's career, and more. 

George is also taking questions for Amy and Patty to answer in the near future. If you have one, please send to his email: georgehsirois@gmail.com.

St. Louis Writers Guild President David Alan Lucas

For this very special episode, host George Sirois sits down with his friend and new business partner, co-founder of Winding Trails Media and St. Louis Writers Guild President David Alan Lucas. They talk about how David was inspired by the St. Louis writers community to chase his dream and - as part of the board of the prestigious St. Louis Writers Guild - inspire others to chase theirs. They also talk about the guild's annual conference/convention Gateway Con (which goes up on Father's Day weekend in June) and their big venture coming soon, the Winding Trails Media Podcasting Network.

A Call to Action

Host and producer George Sirois has a little something he needs to tell all of you, something he needed to tell himself.

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Missouri Writers Guild President Robin Tidwell

Ever think about joining a writers guild? Ever wonder what guilds offer for writers? Maybe you're already part of a local chapter but you're not sure what a statewide guild can do for you or your career as a writer? Well, the two latest Presidents of the Missouri Writers Guild - current President Robin Tidwell and her predecessor, George Sirois of Excelsior Journeys - sit down to discuss all of these things and more, including Robin's experience as a writer that led her to create Rocking Horse Publishing and lend her expertise to the Missouri Writers Guild.

Q&A Episode with George Sirois and Previous Guests

For the 25th episode of Excelsior Journeys, host George Sirois takes a break from the regular format to answer a question from a listener, and share the answers to a question he offered to his previous guests. 

Playwright Jonathan Norton

This week on Excelsior Journeys, host George Sirois welcomes award-winning playwright and long-time friend Jonathan Norton. The two talk about the Playwriting class they took together at Marymount Manhattan College, the scene Jonathan wrote that captured everyone's attention, the controversial plays he wrote while in high school that made him an award-winner, his mentors and idols, and his latest play Mississippi Goddamn, which takes place during the time of civil rights leader Medgar Evers' assassination.

A Tribute to Mac Damron

On February 13, Godwin High's beloved Drama teacher - Mac Damron - passed away over a month before a scheduled ceremony where the school's theater would be dedicated in his name. With several decades of teaching experience, Mr. Damron changed the lives of hundreds, even thousands, of students, one of which is our host, George Sirois. So George decided to reach out to his classmates from those years to see if anyone wanted to come on Excelsior Journeys to share some stories about Mr. Damron. Three classmates were able to accept: musician & animator Sruli Broocker, mother & photographer Kelly Wright Myers, and the first returning guest on Excelsior Journeys, artist & author Elizabeth Meggs.

Director Chris Ethridge

For this week's episode of Excelsior Journeys, host George Sirois sits down with longtime friend, director Chris Ethridge. In addition to chatting about growing up in Richmond, Virginia and dreaming of collaborating on big-budget film projects, they also discuss Chris' evolution as a filmmaker, his time creating a Stephen King "Dollar Baby," directing Tiffany Shepis and Nicholas Brendon on "Attack of the Morningside Monster," and his latest project "Haven's End," which is currently getting its share of interest from potential distributors. 

Artist and Author Elizabeth Meggs

For the latest episode of Excelsior Journeys, host George Sirois sits down and chats with - for the first time in about 25 years - artist Elizabeth Meggs. They give a much-deserved shout-out to Mac Damron in the Drama department of Godwin High School in Richmond, VA, discuss the moment that made Elizabeth want to become an artist, putting together her first exhibit, working on both coasts in America, and much more!

Screenwriter and Production Assistant Luke Annand

For the latest episode of Excelsior Journeys, host George Sirois began his filmmakers miniseries by talking with screenwriter, director, and film enthusiast Luke Annand. The discussion goes from the sequence that made Luke a devout cineaste, to getting involved in several projects in Canada as a production assistant, to getting his own short film off the ground, to his latest project - a full-length screenplay that will hopefully get him some much-deserved attention on the independent scene. Check out more of Luke's story by going to Instagram at @reginaroadie, and make sure you catch his podcast "Ramblings of a Guy from Regina," now available on iTunes.