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Smashwords CEO Mark Coker

In this very special episode of Excelsior Journeys, host and producer George Sirois sat down with Mark Coker, founder and CEO of Smashwords, one of the most valuable tools any independent author would ever need to get their books out in the widest distribution possible. They talked about Mark's thoughts on the book publishing industry, his inspiration for Smashwords, his success working with authors, his plans for the company's future, and more!

(This was meant to be a two-parter, but since life has a way of getting in the way, I missed last week's post date and so here are Parts 1 & 2 combined.)

Author & Armed Services Veteran April Wood

During a very busy weekend at PennedCon 2019, host and producer George Sirois sat down with fellow author and armed services veteran April Wood. We discussed how writing has always been a part of her life, how she has been able to produce so much work in such a limited amount of time, and more! (Apologies for the audio quality, it was a very busy night at the restaurant)

Author & Illustrator Jennifer Stolzer and Author Jessica Mathews

Collaboration is a great benefit to being part of a writing community and fellow St. Louis Writers Guild members Jennifer Stolzer and Jessica Mathews have experienced that several times already by teaming up on various children's book projects. Host and producer George Sirois had some time at Penned Con 2019 to talk about how each one got into writing, how they got involved with the SLWG, how they decided to team up, and more!

Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Eric Asher

Host and producer George Sirois took some time to sit down with bestselling and award-winning author Eric Asher about his successful transition from working a full-time job with writing on the side to being a writer full-time, achieving a dream so many want to come true for them. They also discussed Eric's journey as an author, getting his books into Audible as audiobooks, and more!

Bestselling Author Amy Hale

The second season of Excelsior Journeys opens with the first of a series of interviews recorded at Penned Con 2019. Host and producer George Sirois speaks with bestselling author Amy Hale about how she got into writing, her new shared universe project, and much more!

Do’s and Don’ts of Book Signings

Host and producer George Sirois took some time this week to discuss various do's and don'ts when it comes to setting up a book signing at a bookstore. 

Excelsior Journeys: Author Jessica McBrayer

This week's guest is author Jessica McBrayer, who has five novels coming out in 2019 to go along with the 13 works she has published since 2011. She and host George Sirois chat about her experience in various genres, bringing in a virtual assistant, sticking to a 2,000-word schedule, and much more! Jessica can be found on Facebook and Instagram. 

Excelsior Journeys: Author Kendall Grey

After knowing her via social media for several years, Excelsior Journeys host and producer George Sirois finally gets to chat with fellow author Kendall Grey. They talk about her impressive span of over fifteen published works since 2012, her forays into various genres, her recent work with different audiobook narrators, and more! #MakeArtNotHousePayments

AMA Episode

Host and producer George Sirois decided to use this episode as an AMA platform, so he put the word out on social media with an #AskMeAnything request. This week, he answers questions about building an interactive platform, jealousy among authors, and more. 

Stand-Up Comic and Emcee Robert Turo

Host and producer George Sirois celebrates the 30th episode of Excelsior Journeys by sitting down with stand-up comic & emcee Robert Turo. They discuss how stand-up comedy is the purest form of entertainment, Robert's history on the stage dating back to 1996 when his college roommate called up Stand-Up NY and set him up with a 5-minute spot, how he made the transition from being a solo stand-up to co-hosting his own weekly show, and more!